Our Business is the visual experience


A wholly independent and professional lighting design company originating in Hong Kong, and serving the Asia Pacific region for over 28 years. We have a solid local knowledge, while bringing a global perspective and sensitivity.

一間完全獨立及專業的燈光設計顧問公司, 源於香港,服務亞太區超過28年。我們擁有豐富的本地知識,同時間為您帶來環球的視野與觸覺。

Our design team bring their extensive experience, knowledge and talent to create and specify beautiful, Integrated, efficient and affordable lighting solutions for your Project.


We pride ourselves on practical details, working with other design disciplines to realize appropriate solutions. We carefully embrace new technology, while ensuring it does not get in the way of lighting which enhances the overall design. We strive for Stunning lighting design with a strong understanding of the Ergonomics which govern long term satisfaction.

我們為自己公司感到自豪, 因為我們通過配合其他設計專業,提供可行的細節,以及實現合適的解決方案。我們謹慎地採納新的照明技術,同時確保它不會妨礙了整體設計的照明方式,因而令整體的設計更具吸引力。我們利用對人體工學的深刻了解,致力去設計令人驚嘆的照明,而這些就是我們一直以來賴以成功及讓客戶滿意的基石。

Our professional services have been embraced by many of the top designers and developers in this region. We have worked to complete successful projects for our clients around the world, and are proud to have been a member of many award winning projects and design teams.

我們曾經為世界各地區不同的客戶成功地完成了許多得獎的項目, 然而,我們對於能夠成為這些得獎項目設計團隊的其中一員感到驕傲。 

Please contact us for further information, and to find out how we can work as part of your design team.